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Welcome to Radio-Soft...Radio related software products


Radio-Soft offer three principal products – RadioLink 2012, PathCalcUK and PathCalc.

We offer a range of planning tools starting with PathCalc, provides basic modelling of a single radio link and calculates the link budget for use worldwide. Our mid-range tool, PathCalcUK allows terrain profiling in the UK only and has the capability of analising multiple links. The flagship, RadioLink 2012 allows path profiling and the calculation of link path budgets with simple area coverage computation for mobile services and point-to-point radio links.

RadioLink 2012

Radio Planning Software by Orbit Design using USGS DEM, SDTS DEM, SRTM3, SRTM30, GTOPO30 and Ordnance Survey Landform Profile, Panorama and Panorama Plus map data. Up to 25 radio links can be analised in one project. Calculations include link budgets, terrain profiles and intermodulation products.



Radio Planning Software tool for use in the UK only using digital elevation map data. Calculates radio link path losses and creates path profiles from database covering England, Wales and Scotland. Printout path path budgets and profile. save datails to disk. Software available as a Beta release at the moment.


PathCalc Version 1.2

Radio propagation prediction software. Calculates radio link path losses. Printout path path budgets. save datails to disk. Free demo download.






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